About us  

The Sport Collision Injury Collective is a multidisciplinary collective of academics who are committed to reducing injuries sustained in youth sport. 

Professor Allyson Pollock 

Professor of Public Health Research and Policy, Newcastle University

Allyson Pollock is professor of public health research and policy at Newcastle University. She set up and directed the Centre for International Public Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh from 2005 to 2011, and prior to that she was Head of the Public Health Policy Unit at UCL and Director of Research & Development at UCL Hospitals NHS Trust. Allyson is currently Director of the Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle University. 

She trained in medicine in Scotland and became a consultant in public health medicine in 1991. Her research interests include globalisation; privatisation, marketisation and PFI / PPPs; health services; regulation and trade; pharmaceuticals and clinical trials; and childhood injuries.

Dr Adam J. White

Lecturer in Sport and Physical Education, University of Bedfordshire 

Adam is a Lecturer in Sport and Physical Education at the University of Bedfordshire. As a social scientist, Adam has expertise in pedagogy, sociology, social policy, psychology and public health. Adam's research has primarily explored the structure and provision for contact sport within the school physical education context, particularly around contact rugby union. Adam is currently completing his doctoral studies within the Department of Sport, Exercise and Health at the University of Winchester. In addition to publishing over 10 peer-reviewed academic journal articles, Adam has co-authored an academic monograph: Sport, Theory and Social Problems: A critical introduction (2nd Edition)

Adam is an experienced rugby coach, coach educator, match official, sports development officer and rugby administrator. He is currently a member of the England Rugby Football Schools Union and leads Oxfordshire Rugby Schools. Adam worked for the Rugby Football Union between 2010 and 2012. 

Graham Kirkwood 

Senior Research Fellow, Newcastle University 

Graham Kirkwood trained and worked as an NHS nurse in Norwich, England, working with people with learning difficulties from 1993 to 2002. Prior to that he was a computer analyst / programmer. Since studying for an MSc in Modern Epidemiology at Imperial College London in 2002/03 he has worked as a researcher in a number of areas involving evidence synthesis and data analysis of routine data sets. His two main topics of interest are injury and trauma and inequality in access to health care. He has worked with Professor Allyson Pollock on these issues for 10 years, this has included extensive research into sport injury and concussion in children which continues today.

He is on the Stakeholder Engagement Group for the new emergency care data set being developed by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in partnership with the NHS and has also worked closely with the Royal Society for the Prevention  of Accidents in the development of information packs, particularly on trampoline injury and injuries in the home for children 5 years and under.

Professor Eric Anderson

Professor , University of Winchester

Dr. Eric Anderson is Professor in the Department of Sport, Exercise and Health at the University of Winchester, in England. He holds four degrees, has published 17 books, and over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles. His research is regularly featured in international television, print and digital media. 

Professor Anderson is also the trustee of the Sport Collision Injury Collective which is committed to examining and removing brain trauma caused by participation in contact sports. His interest in sport extends to critiquing organised team sports and writing about the coaching of long distance runners.

Professor Anderson's research excellence is recognised by the British Academy of Social Sciences; he is a Visiting Professor at the University of California, Irvine; and he is also a Full-Fellow of the International Academy of Sex Research.

"Protect children, remove contact"