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Your thoughts... Head Trauma in Rugby Union

Since 2014, health professionals have been reporting growing concerns regarding head trauma in rugby union (Pollock, 2014), which has subsequently been reported in newspapers, television broadcasts and on social media. We, however, are keen to establish your views both on the media reporting of risk in rugby union, and towards head trauma in rugby union. 

This online survey, of eight questions, seeks to establish your views towards the media reporting of the risks in rugby union and your views towards head trauma within rugby union. The survey is for anyone involved in the sport (players, coaches, officials, parents, volunteers, employed workforce, development officers and so on). Your participation in this project  is voluntary. If you wish to withdraw, please click off the survey at any time before submitting your data. All information given will remain anonymous and no identifying features will be published or shared outside of the research team. All data will be stored on a university-approved, password-protected server which only members of the research team have access. All data will be destroyed within three years. 

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Part of the Rationalising Rugby: Examining the socio-cultural impact of rugby union among Britain’s youth project

The University of Winchester is currently undertaking some research based on PE teachers (including trainee teachers who are undertaking a post-graduate qualification) knowledge and understanding of the socio-cultural outcomes of sport and particularly rugby. This research project forms part of a wider programme of research looking at socio-cultural impacts of rugby union among Britain’s youth. 

This project involves the interviewing of PE teachers on their knowledge, understanding and attitudes towards sport, particularly rugby. 

If you are a PE teacher and would be interested in taking part in this study, please read the project information sheet and complete the sign up form on the linked webpage below. If you have any questions please email Adam White or Rachael Bullingham

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